5 thoughts on “FEEDBACK

  1. ” I frequent this spot only a few times per year because everything is so delicious and I have low will power when it comes to their buffet menu!!! Great food and a huge variety. Capable and expedient staff too. Prices are very good.”

  2. ” It was a family event and all 18 of us showed up at 11:00 on Saturday. We were greeted by the owner/manager and he personally set up two tables for us (10 and 8) right next to each other. Soda orders for all, which had endless refills, very nice for the kids and teens. Next we were invited to enjoy the buffet. The first challenge was walking past the desert table. I wanted to stop and just eat deserts all day, they looked just so yummy. Once at the main buffet, there were six tables just full of tasty delights. I did not count but all tables were full and there easily over a 100+ selections. Everything I tried was hot, moist and very tasty. Note I make it a point to try different items on each visit for refills (3 plates in all). Also nobody in the group had a bad item. I did not try the fresh sushi, but about 1/2 of the group had some sushi and my son ate just sushi for the whole meal.
    The servers were attentive and very friendly, especially with the little kids always getting up and making their own trip to the buffet. One other note, my wife needed some help and the manager came over to her and offered to carry her plate back to her seat. Very nice and personal tough – Thank You.
    And the last note is about value, there were several prices for kids by age and this really keeps the overall cost low. In all, we had a great time and I already have several requests to return next month.”

  3. “Clams, shrimp cocktail, fried scallops, crawfish, handmade pork dumplings. Plus great yellow pork fried rice, sushi. 8.50$ for lunch!!!!!! “

  4. “It’s your typical chinese buffet with american-style chinese food and some traditional-style chinese food. The best thing about this place was the endless amounts of seafood they offered; oysters, clams, littleneck clams, crawfish, salmon, tilapia, alaskan crab, etc. The pricing was also well charged too and the waitress constantly took away our plates after we finished. I wouldn’t recommend going 30-45 minutes before they close because they stop putting out food. Overall, it was a great experience and would definitely come back again.”

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